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Ella at Rexpo 2018.

Robert Felt is a Syracuse, NY native who has been on the reptile scene for over 30 years. Growing up, he readily took to the exotic animal lifestyle with the guidance of his older cousin and a friendly pet shop owner.  He became fascinated with reptiles, and began to acquire quite the collection.


His college years at Oswego State University left him with a bachelor’s degree in biology and an internship in the reptile house at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. You will actually still find most of his handy work up and running there! He now works at Cornell University, but reptiles are still his passion.

Bryant Blank grew up in Kansas collecting animals anywhere he could find them, the local creek, pet store, and local groups. He started working with reptiles in grade school, when he first acquired a leopard tortoise which is still part of his family today. He moved on to caring for other exotic animals, breeding, and public education before he was out of high school.

Bryant received a Degree in Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University and then moved to upstate New York to work at Cornell University, where he has been for over a decade. Having a breeding colony of Rosy Boas has been a lifelong dream. He became friends and started working with Rob over the years, and eventually they combined business efforts in 2019. He is also able to include his daughters in the hobby and loves to watch their love of all animals flourish in the ‘Blank Zoo.’ Everything else associated with the business is just icing on the cake!

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