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If you are interested in any morphs or localities on this page please contact us for more information on expected offspring for the year.

Ball Pythons (Python regius)

Ball Python morphs are the largest part of our collection. We currently have breeding projects with the following genes: Mojave, Lesser, Phantom, Albino, Pinstripe, Pastel, Clown, Banana, Leopard, Spider, Champagne, Mystic, Special, Fire, and Enchi.

Future projects include Pied variants, Gravel/Yellow Belly complex, Albino complex (Black Pastel, Candy), Cinnamon, Chocolate, GHI, Spotnose, and Lace.


Pastel Highway

Pastel Champagne Enchi


Pastel Lace

Yellow Belly Lace

White Lace (Super Lace)

Lace is a co-dominant gene we are very excited to work with! It highlights color, which only gets brighter as they age. It also affects the patterning on the along the belly, which is enhanced when combined with Yellow Belly.

Mystic Crystal

Killer Clown

Banana Lesser

Leopard Pied


Spinner Blast

Rosy Boas (Lichanura trivirgata)

We are currently breeding the following locality Rosy Boas: Anza Borrego (Hypo), San Jacinto, Cabo San Lucas, Harquehala (Wild-type & Albino), El Rosario, Limburg (Color Variants).

Baby Hypo Anza Borrego

Baby Cabo San Lucas

Baby San Jacinto

Dwarf Sonoran Boas (Boa c. imperator)

We are very excited to be working with these amazing boas, that stay between3-6 ft as adults. In future years we hope to have Leopards morphs, Hypos, and Tarahumara locality available.

Leopard Sonoran Boa

Hypo Sonoran Boa

Chinese (Hainan) Cave Geckos (Goniurosaurus hainanesis)

We have captive-bred babies periodically available. This relatively small species is housed at room temperature & ours eat dubia roaches exclusively.

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